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“I Am Religious About My Finsta”: 10 Women On How They Use Their Fake Instagrams

Name: Rachel
Age: 23
Industry: Tech

What do you use your finsta for?
“Ironic chronicling of my life, I guess. But it didn’t start out that way. I initially made it in college to detail my drunken adventures. I’d always wake up from a night out with the most random/hilarious pictures in my camera roll, and my nights out were never, ever normal, so there was always a story there. I thought, yes, my close friends definitely care to read about this stuff. Anyhow, it was a hit for a bit. Well, then depression and impending graduation and breakdowns about the uncertainty of my future hit, and my finsta became this self-deprecating venting space. Since then, I’ve somewhat found my footing in the adult world, so while I still use it to recount wild nights out (although they’re now few and far between) and share my thoughts from my latest existential crisis, I also use it to share frank opinions on politics, pop culture and just the genuine state of affairs.

“I like to run stupid polls that wouldn’t fly on my main Insta. I frequently broadcast my thirst for Timothée Chalamet. I’ll share little details from my day that have left an impact on me (i.e. finding a molar on the floor of my office’s bathroom while changing my clothes). Honestly, my finsta is a more accurate representation of my boring, unglamorous life. I’ve kept it going, though, because I get a lot of engagement from friends.”

How does your finsta behavior differ from your behavior on your regular Instagram?
“I am more open, honest, and ugly on my finsta. My real Insta, while not curated per se, is very much only a glimpse into the cool parts of my life. My captions are planned in advance and a lot of consideration goes into selecting a photo. Conversely, my finsta pics are posted as is. I have no qualms about dropping 10 photos at once, either as a collection or as individual posts, but God forbid I post twice in one day on my regular account.

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“Finsta captions are more like stream of consciousness diary entries, and I don’t care about anyone’s opinion on the content. I guess you could say I’m real on my fake account and fake on my real account. Sad!
Girls in my sorority were notorious for posting really graphic pictures and using people’s full names on their accounts, so naturally screenshots were taken and word got around. At a chapter meeting, we were told we either had to delete our finstas or follow the standards chair with them so she could monitor all posts. I didn’t do either because my alias was (is) that good, and all my content was PG-13.”

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